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Apple can revolutionize the TV experience with eye interaction

The TV experience is begging to be reinvented. We all love watching TV so much that we’re willing to put up with the horrible experience of using our TVs. From punching in 3 digit codes to scanning guides that look like Excel spreadsheets. Apple has the opportunity to revolutionize the TV experience. I believe that Apple will build its own …

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The opportunities created by eye interaction on Apple TV.

Interacting with just your eyes can be simple and require very little effort. It can open up any number of new opportunities.  What if while watching your favorite competition based reality show you could vote with your eyes instead of calling a phone number? Imagine launching video highlights of a specific player that you’re looking at while watching a football game. When …

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Evidence that Apple is working on eye interaction

The evidence so far isn’t concrete, but there are some definite rumblings. Terry Gou, Foxconn’s Chairman has assigned two task forces one will work on displays and the other will work on eye-control technology. More from Patently Apple “It was rumored in 2009 that Apple had been buying eye-tracking technology components from a Swedish company by the name of Tobii who already has their “Gaze” …

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Steve Jobs vs. the iPad Stylus Round 2

“If you see a stylus they failed” with those words Steve Jobs planted a tombstone on the stylus. He was completely right. As a user interface method multi touch is far better than a stylus. In fact using your finger to touch the internet is so far superior there really was no competition in the first place. Everyone knows how …

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