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Evidence that Apple is working on eye interaction

The evidence so far isn’t concrete, but there are some definite rumblings.

Terry Gou, Foxconn’s Chairman has assigned two task forces one will work on displays and the other will work on eye-control technology.

More from Patently Apple

“It was rumored in 2009 that Apple had been buying eye-tracking technology components from a Swedish company by the name of Tobii who already has their “Gaze” technology ready for Windows 8. The news of Hon Hai researching this technology suggests that Apple may incorporate this technology in their hardware sometime in the future.”

Cult of Mac has a source who claims to have seen the Apple HDTV prototype.

The camera features the source describes are all consistent with a system that tracks the user’s eyes to enable eye interaction.

“The camera is sophisticated, with facial recognition and the ability to zoom into the user’s face and follow them as they walk around the room. This allows users to make video calls from the couch across the room, rather than having to stand smack in front of the TV.”

Facetime seems better suited for the iPad or iPhone rather than the TV. It seems more likely that these features are used for eye interaction.